Perimeter intrusion detection

Looking for an easy and affordable way to detect intruders? ObjectR-PID, our complete solution for perimeter intrusion detection (PID), combines exceptional reliability with the lowest possible false-alarm rate. Unlike the human eye, ObjectR-PID is able to identify the tiniest of changes in a scene, sending out an alert whenever an object crosses a detection line. The products in the ObjectR-PID family can be used on their own or together with a central configuration server.

Making the invisible, visible

Monitoring a border. Protecting an industrial site from sabotage. Keeping trespassers away from critical infrastructure. Many surveillance situations call for absolute security. But how can you be sure to spot every single important event?

Situational awareness

Video surveillance still largely depends on human decisions. Unfortunately, the odds are against us. Put us in front of a surveillance screen, and over a 20-minute period we will fail to register as much as 90 percent of the action. And that figure only goes up when instead of a single screen we are monitoring an entire video wall. The secret of effective surveillance lies in situational awareness. If we are fully aware of what is happening around us, we take better decisions. But that doesn't mean we should try to absorb every little detail. What is important is not the quantity but the quality of the information. Only information that is relevant to a particular situation should be considered, the rest is noise. ObjectR-PID helps you with that.

Focus on exceptions - ObjectR-PID

ObjectR-PID is a complete solution for perimeter intrusion detection (PID) that combines exceptional reliability with the lowest possible false-alarm rate. Unlike the human eye, it is able to identify the tiniest of changes in a scene, sending out an alert whenever an object crosses a detection line or enters a detection zone. The result: a greatly enhanced workflow. Having the right information at the right time puts you in a perfect position to take the right decisions. ObjectR-PID helps you stay focused. It only draws your attention to events that deviate from the norm, not to everything that is going as expected. Implementation is easy. The products within the ObjectR-PID family can be used on their own, or in conjunction with a central configuration server and/or video management system.

Long-distance intrusion detection

When you are working in remote or hostile environments, you need to know whether your infrastructure is safe and functional. Announcing our newest solution, long-distance Perimeter Intrusion Detection (PID). Developed in collaboration with one of the Middle Eastern oil majors, this solution is ideal for monitoring and securing your long-distance pipeline infrastructures. It is sensitive enough to detect the most minute variations in a field of vision and can pick up changes within a range of two kilometres. Should the camera’s virtual line be crossed, an alarm sounds in your control room, allowing staff to monitor what is happening and where, and to respond rapidly. The long-distance PID solution is the ideal answer for complete protection of your valuable assets.

Perimeter intrusion detection diagram

Perimeter intrusion detection: no more invisible guests

BC840-PID camera

Looking for an easy and affordable way to detect intruders? The BC840-PID  camera implements Perimeter Intrusion Detection right at the edge of your network. All you need to do is plug them in and use the highly intuitive web interface to fine-tune your settings. The number crunching takes place inside these intelligent IP cameras, which eliminates the need for maintenance-hungry servers. Both cameras are based on i-LIDS-certified analytics and can be used as the primary sensor in sterile environments. That means you won't have to purchase additional hardware such as pressure plates or microwave/ infrared installations.

TC620-PID Thermal camera

The TC620-PID is in itself a complete solution for perimeter intrusion detection. It is built around a thermal LWIR sensor and on-board analytics for accurate detection of unwanted intrusions. By using thermal vision, detection is possible in all weather, no-light, and difficult lighting conditions. The TC620-PID comes as an outdoor camera (IP66). The embedded ObjectR-Advanced Perimeter Intrusion Detection is based on analytics certified by i–LIDS® and approved to be used as primary sensor in a sterile zone. Through the web interface, configuration of the ObjectR-Advanced PID analytics is straightforward with either two detection lines or two detection zones. To get the most out of the PID analytics we offer the VCA Configuration Server. By using a thermal sensor the influence of external factors is limited to a minimum.

Video encoders with PID

Migrations are all about leaving behind the old and embracing the new. Even so, you may not be quite ready yet to say goodbye to your analogue surveillance cameras. Fortunately, there is no need to do so
straight away. By connecting your analogue surveillance cameras to a video encoder (also commonly known as a video server or codec) they become an integral part of your IP infrastructure.

Once an analogue camera has reached the end of its service life, you can easily have it replaced by an IP camera or, if you prefer, a new analogue camera of your choosing.

Our video encoders (for example the C620 E-PID) go the extra mile by delivering embedded analytics for Perimeter Intrusion Detection (PID) and Camera Health Check to your analogue surveillance cameras. These intelligent features help you act swiftly in situations where every minute counts.

VDG Sense


VDG Sense

VDG Sense,  isn't just a matter of buying the right hardware. It is about using that hardware to its full potential. But how to make the most of what you have? VDG Sense is an advanced video management system (VMS) that consolidates your surveillance equipment into a single seamless solution, giving you the tools you need to act quickly and efficiently. Continuously analysing camera images for unusual occurrences, it alerts you within seconds of the type of incident and its location. VDG Sense video content analysis (VCA) capabilities range from perimeter intrusion detection to face, object and license plate recognition. One VDG Sense server can handle up to eight Perimeter Intrusion Detection channels simultaneously.

VDG Sense
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