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Oil & Gas security in hazardous areas

Watching over public safety, keeping an eye on critical processes, spotting an incident before it escalates. These are just a few of the things a reliable video surveillance system lets you do. In the marine, oil & gas (MOG) industry, a reliable explosion proof video surveillance system for all critical areas increases the safety of people and facilities and allows an operator to find faster solutions to avoid down-time and prevent from major costly incidents.

Hazardous areas
A hazardous area is a location where concentrations of flammable gases and/or vapours occur. In environments like these, a single spark could cause a fire or even an explosion. To safeguard these areas, you need explosion proof surveillance equipment you can rely on. Security products used in hazardous areas and surrounding locations have to meet certain standards (ATEX and IECEx) in terms of quality, reliability and service life. Ideally, they have a low cost of ownership while keeping the downtime of your installation close to zero. But how to achieve that perfect mix? And how do you know if something that is labelled as smart technology really helps you make smart decisions? We offers the answers to all these questions.

Situational awareness
We create situational awareness through a careful selection of data streams. Only information that is relevant to a particular situation makes it to your surveillance screen, the rest is omitted. The result: a greatly enhanced workflow. This is particularly important in the MOG industry, where poor decisions can have tremendous consequences. Having the right information at the right time puts you in a perfect position to take the right decisions. We offers a complete solution for the surveillance of your MOG location, from cameras suitable for use in hazardous areas to advanced control room software. All components are designed to work together and increase situational awareness, resulting in a clear, efficient overview of the safety situation of your installation.

Explosion proof - ExPLORE cameras

The ExPLORE series consists of explosion proof fixed and PTZ housings available with an analogue or a full-featured network camera providing high-quality, high-definition images. Optional infrared lighting is available for low-light conditions. The housings of the ExPLORE cameras have an IP67 ingress protection rating and are made of 316L electro-polished stainless steel, a corrosion-resistant alloy suited for use in harsh off shore and onshore environments.

The explosion proof ExPLORE cameras are certified for Zone 1 where concentrations of flammablegases or vapours may occur and a single spark can lead to a disaster. All models can be provided with certifications to meet different requirements worldwide, including ATEX, UL and IECEx.

Explosion proof CCTV system diagram

Video encoders

By connecting your analogue surveillance cameras to a video encoder (also commonly known as a video server or codec) they become an integral part of your IP infrastructure. Once an analogue camera has reached the end of its service life, you can easily have it replaced by an IP camera or, if you prefer, a new analogue camera. The C-series encoders are cut out for MOG locations.

These environmentally hardened devices are fi tted with clever technology that detects video presence and monitors image quality and fi eld of view. Notifications are sent as soon as the camera image degrades, the lens becomes too dirty or the camera’s position has been tampered with. The benefits are clear: knowing what isgoing on in your video network results in a significant drop in scheduled and reactive maintenance time.

VDG Sense


Would you like to migrate from analogue to digital video surveillance but do you shudder at the thought of having to replace your existing network infrastructure? Our unique ECO-plug may be just the solution for you. Simply slide one ECO-plug into the SFP slot of your IP camera and another into the SFP slot of your switch, and you are ready to start streaming full-HD video over your existing coaxial cable.

The low-energy ECO-plug is the most compact Ethernet-over-coax solution currently available. Unlike other solutions in the market, there is no need for dedicated receivers. The beauty of this trimmeddown approach lies in the fact that you can migrate from coax to fiber or UTP whenever it suits you. All you will need to do is replace the ECO-plug with the appropriate SFP and you are good to go.

VDG Sense


The C-series switches are designed to form the backbone of your video surveillance network, even in unconditioned, harsh environments. Meeting the toughest requirements, C-series switches are ready to bring in your valuable data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

They work without internal fans and do not require special heating or cooling equipment. The absence of moving parts has the added benefit of lower maintenance costs.