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Upgrade the Beijing Metro
surveillance system

and switches

The challenge

Anticipating the passenger surge that the 2008 Summer Olympic Games were sure to cause, Beijing Metro decided to upgrade two of its oldest and busiest lines: Line 1 and Line 2. Beijing Metro’s primary requirement was to modernise the existing station security systems with the latest and most reliable surveillance technology. This improvement project would affect four stations.

Both the scope and the schedule of this rather extensive project were highly demanding. The undertaking entailed, first of all, that the 1,669 cameras on the network transmit DVD-quality video over an SDH network core to multiple control rooms. The latency of these video streams could not exceed 200 milliseconds and the compression configuration needed to be set to minimise bandwidth levels. The network also needed to be managed by a single system-wide video management software solution. In addition, the software application would have to support Mandarin Chinese in its user interface, and the project had to be completed in time for the Olympics.

The solution

Aware of these obligations we and systems integrator ShenZhen Keybridge Communications accepted this challenging project.

Initially, our programmers built a customised application using the recently improved MX software development kit to work around the bandwidth limitations of the SDH core network. We then engaged a translator to allow operations in the software application to be carried out in Mandarin Chinese. Beijing Metro deployed our environmentally hardened encoders in all its stations and connectedthem to the SDH network core via XSNet Ethernet switches. Back at Beijing Metro’s control room, decoders were installed to deliver selected video streams to analogue monitors.

The kind of support offered to Beijing Metro and ShenZhen Keybridge Communications is characteristic of Siqura’s commitment to close cooperation with local integration partners. And that cooperation hasn’t ended yet: today, Siqura is upgrading the security system of the remaining lines.