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Waterways surveillance

Like in road traffic, the management of waterways, locks and bridges need to be managed in a more efficient way at less operational costs. To accomplish that, a lot of locks and bridges are getting automated and managed remotely from waterway traffic centers. Above all safety for vessels and road traffic needs to be guaranteed.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems will take care of the remote control of the locks and bridges. However, operators cannot do that safely without a very clear view of the scene. For that reason advanced camera systems are required that are able to present a clear view in difficult circumstances like fog, day & night, high contrasts, strong backlights, reflections on water, strong wind-loads and large moving objects.

We do understand these circumstances and offers camera solutions that are made for these challenges.
Siqura systems excel in advanced interoperability with 3rd party Video Management Systems and SCADA-like systems.
With our camera systems, waterway authorities can actually realize their efficiency benefits in a safe way.