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Road authorities are challenged to keep the traffic flowing. Less delays and minimize incidents are the prime performance indicators. At the same time most road authorities are faced with cuts in their budget. Performance need to go up, budgets are getting down. That calls for efficient systems that will boost performance at less operational cost. We can help to get this puzzle sorted out.

Most of the delay in traffic is caused by incidents (vehicle break downs, collisions, debris on road). So when incidents are detected early –sometimes even before they happen- they can be resolved quickly, causing minimum impact on the traffic flow.

Traffic monitoring

We deliver Situational Aware Camera Systems that can cooperate with existing traffic sensors like loops and radars and online data to detect incidents automatically and push the video to the traffic center, only when there is a situation to take care of. So unlike other systems, no continuously staring at video walls any more, but just getting situations on your screen that need actions to be taken. It even can be your mobile screen if applicable.

By doing so less capital investment is required in the traffic center and even more important, les operational costs are involved. Our Traffic Camera Systems are making this efficient workflow possible.

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