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The most important task of railway operators is the continuity of operations, on time. Any cause that is obstructing operations will cost a lot of money and is frustrating their commuting customers. Obstructions can be accidents on railway crossings, people walking on or next to the track, stolen cables, vandalism, debris or fallen trees on the track, to name a few. Obstructions like these can cause delays of hours, trains need to be rerouted and customers need be offered alternative transportation.

We can offer video solutions to prevent most of the situations mentioned above. Combinations of optical cameras, thermal cameras and sensors will give rail traffic controllers the tools for early warnings to the train driver to slow down or stop before accidents take place. Intelligent algorithms will make sure that the rail traffic controllers will not be overloaded with false alarms. Video streams of stationary cameras can even be presented in the train cockpit. That means that the train driver can see the situation on a crossing way before it is visible from the train itself.

Of course a solution like this does not need to be installed everywhere. Railway operators know what the sensitive locations are. One accident prevented can pay for the solution already.