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Operations in air traffic is even more sensitive than rail or road traffic. Safety of the aircrafts and passengers is very strict and well catered for. However, the flight schedules are planned very tight with almost no space for disturbances.

When there is an incident on the platform, the tank-farm, the runway or direct surroundings, the operations need to stop immediately and will last for at least an hour. That is about 20 to 30 flights per runway that will be delayed or need to be re-routed. The related cost of an incident like this, are very high.

Our video solutions can help to prevent incidents that potentially will disrupt operations. The combination of optical and thermal cameras with sensors can effectively guard the perimeter of the airside, with automated alarms on intrusions or potential intrusions. With high resolution cameras and large zoom lenses the runways can be inspected on presence of debris. Birds airborne or on the ground can be detected automatically so they can be scared away (automated) from the airside.