Securing traffic and public transport

Mobility solutions

Secure the traffic flow at less expense

Traffic surveillance

Secure the continuity of railway operations

Railway surveillance

Secure the continuity of air traffic operations

Airport surveillance

Secure the safety of remotely
managed waterway passages

Waterways surveillance

Monitoring traffic and public transport systems can be a real challenge. Stopped vehicles, wrong-way driving, lost cargo or smoke: events such as these need to be handled quickly and efficiently. Our mobility solutions help you with that. Our broad range of surveillance cameras and video encoders deliver crystal clear images, allowing you to spot the tiniest details even in low-light situations. Get notified as soon as an incident is detected and reduce your response time by automating the decision-making process.

Securing traffic and public transport

Getting from A to B. It sounds simple, but in reality our journeys involve a complex network of highways, bridges, junctions, interchanges, lay-bys, parking lots, railway tracks, crossings, metro systems, bus terminals, train stations, airports, harbours and much, much more. And all that infrastructure needs to be monitored. We let you do this in a cost-effective way:


  • Enjoy crystal clear video with our wide range of surveillance cameras and video encoders
  • Choose cameras with automatic incident detection (AID) to streamline traffic flow management
  • Scan license plates and identify faces and objects with our advanced video management system
  • Prevent costly replacements by choosing our vandal-resistant cameras
  • Peer into the darkest of tunnels with our ultra-low-light cameras
  • Use our fiber-optic equipment to transfer video streams over great distances
  • Migrate from analogue to digital at a rate that suits you best

Global solutions

Every day, millions of people depend on the safety provided by our mobility solutions. You can find our technology almost anywhere you go, from Beijing’s metro system to Mexico’s toll plazas and the tunnels in the Alps. Our secret? Making the most of what you already have. our portfolio gives you all the benefits of IP technology while protecting the investment you have made in your current infrastructure.

Project references

Dutch Highways

Implement a CCTV system
over IP for all the highways and
waterways in the Netherlands.

Hat Yai City Police

Implement a user-friendly CCTV
system over IP suited for tropical conditions

Beijing Metro

Upgrade the Beijing Metro surveillance system

Singapore Metro

Provide high-quality CCTV security for passengers of the Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) rail network

tunnel, Belgium

Boosting the safety level of
Antwerp’s main toll tunnel

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